What’s This Good For

Welcome. What’s this all about anyway?

I’ve been blogging since 1994 in one form or another and even got written up in a British magazine back then for inexplicable reasons. Probably, there were so few blogs at the time that the author just happened to run across my five flimsy posts in time to file their story under deadline.

But, pathetically, I didn’t capitalize on my “famous in France” moment and never really kept at it. I got distracted by doing product reviews for a while and actually building things for the early web. Hearing myself talk was never a priority.

Still, all these years later, I’d like to pick up the pen more regularly to talk about the intersection of code, art and culture. I believe these three satellites increasingly swirl around each other and tug each other in their orbits in interesting ways. I’ve explored that for years, on my own. Now, I’d like to do that more consciously out in the open.

Thanks for following along.